onsdag den 19. februar 2014

This week we had the great joy of a 'visit' from Dutch blogger, House of Hubner.  She bought our soft velvet cushions in lavendender/mustard nuances at her fine neighbour, De Blommerie, i Oosterbeck.
Fantastic to see Fabric Copenhagen beyond the Danish borders :-)

At the office I am trying to do Spring cleaning...trying only. I keep getting little notions of Spring from outdoors; an early bird singing to his love, flowers fighting their way up the soil, air feeling crisp and new...aaaahhhh!
So I am filling up racks with new items. The new colours and designs always fills me with happiness and energy.

Below see a selection from my newest collection, including the little dog Minnie, dressed in the exclusive dog jacket - a limited edition of dog accessories we presented in Paris last month.

Time to go outside again... I wish you the best of weeks.

Do not hesitate to ask for retailers near you :-)

All my best,
Fabric Copenhagen

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