mandag den 31. oktober 2011

Elle Decoration Frontpage

Fabric Copenhagen were happy about this front page that shows our V-101 on the bed.
Please be inspired by the photos below that shows a collection that goes very beautifully with V-101.
Our best selling color combination at the moment.

News Basic Series

The Basic collection is a typical scandinavian design with simple effects - a minimalistic choice. 
Less is more - the quality in the grey design are linen and silk viscose - the edge in silk velvet.
The red and green are made in silk velvet and silk - the edge in silk viscose.

Blankets in size
110x180 cm.
160x270 cm.
240x260 cm.
270x270 cm.

50x50 cm
40x60 cm.



Luxurious Ella Bags

Cozy Autumn Velvet

Newsletter Fabric Copenhagen Autumn 2011

Dear visitors & buyers at my fairs summer 2011.

Thank You so mush for making

Early Bird
Maison & Object

the success that it became for Fabric Copenhagen.

We have been busy in the last month and we still are - it feels great.
The stock were full so we could send the orders immediately for the shops wanting quick delivery.
Some of the orders are still under process but most are already at the shops all over the World.

We have more goods arriving from Vietnam in 2 weeks .
There are a lot of cushions, blankets, bedcovers and bags in our warehouse to meet any retail need up to Christmas sales.
For the Scandinavian marked also our agencies Dori Csengeri, Ottomania and Chi Chi Fan.

I am looking forward to meet you all again and please don´t hesitate if You have any questions or need products from Fabric Copenhagen.

Best Regards
Annette Egholm