onsdag den 23. april 2014

Pre-summer Pillow Packets

Easter is over. 
Spring has transformed into almost summerly degrees,
and a world of colourful flowerbeds.

At Fabric Copenhagen we rejoice the season and the closing summersales by sending you this brief note enclosing an offer hard to refuse for those in love with the cosiness and stylish feel of our velvet cushions and bedspreads.

Place an order of 5 pillow packets, and you will get 1 pillow packet for free
Place an order of 10 pillow packet, and you will get 2 pillow packets for free

(1 pillow packet = 3 pillows prepacked in harmonizing nuances. See pictures below)

Place your order by email:

Please state the following:
  1. Pillow pack number (1-8)
  2. How many pillow packets you order (5 or more for free packet)
  3. The pillow pack number for the free packet (1-8)
1                            2

 3                           4

 5                            6
7                             8

The offer runs from today, 23rd April until 30th of May 2014

We look forward to receiving your orders, and wish you all a warm and lovely pre-summer time!

NB.: Remember to buy matching bedspreads and quilts with your order.
See cataloque by clicking this link: 

torsdag den 3. april 2014

Japan in my heart

Back at the desk

Just returned from the EU Gateway fair in Tokyo, Japan. Still drowned in jetlag. And filled with
amazingly good experiences. Thank you so much, Japan :-)

I got to see part of the country which has been my dream since I was here last time 1 year ago.
Riding the train I still find the landscape among the most breathtaking sights in the world, and you never quite finish looking at God's little wonders...

I am definitely coming back!

I had a wonderful time with my 'collegue'-exhibitors, seeing Tokyo by night with bonus VIP sighting at Park Hyatt Tokyo: Lionel Richie. Of all people..Still looked...well, like himself 20 years ago. Amazing, how some people seem to just never get any older :-)

Apart from massive inspiration, good company, and the almost blossoming cherry trees ripe with plush pink flowers, I have had the luck of meeting very interesting visitors from very big department stores in Japan. I want to thank all of You for your visit at my stand, and hope to see You or Your buyers again.

Fabric Copenhagen also had the good fortune of getting 2 (two!) new agents this March:
Tokyo based Atsushi Hushi at Nord Mainos Corporation, and Oslo (Norway) based Cecilie Braathen, www.boligideer.no. I want to thank you both for joining our company and wish you the best of seasons!

I wish you all the best of spring!