onsdag den 2. oktober 2013

How to be in 3 contries at the same time.

Actually, it's not too difficult. Just take a look at our fantastic list:
  1. Ariadne at Home, NL, shows Fabric Copenhagen bedspread on the cover of the latest magasin! Thank you, Ariadne.
  2. ABC Home, New York, just placed their second order this season. Apparently, Fabric Copenhagen is a huge success  'overthere'! For more ABC Home...  
  3. Le Bon Marché just placed their first order! We are litterally exploding with pride! For more Bon Marché...
At the Maison et Object fair in Paris we presented the following news:
Classic Collection packets:  
Fabric Copenhagen pre-mixed packets:                                                       
  1. 1 bedspread, 1 small blanket & 4 cushion covers. Includes the inner cushions.                             
  2. 1 bedspread & 6 cushion covers. Includes the inner cushions.                                  
  3. 4 cushions 2/2 colours 2 silk/2 velvet      
The packets from the Classic Collection are still open for orders and immediate delivery, should you be tempted. 
5% discount: Buy 3 pre-mixed packets containing Bedspread or 6 packets containing only cushions. 
See below for colours:

Fall/winter 2013/14: Blankets and cushions in silk-velvet & linen, and linen/linen with velvet piping. 
Fall/winter 2013/14 is on stock by start November, and still open for orders.
Get tempted below:

 With this we wish you a beautiful, colourfull and busy fall/winter. We look forward to hearing from You, and promise to keep You updated on news.

All my best,
Fabric Copenhagen
Annette Egholm

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