tirsdag den 8. oktober 2013

Fall in Fabric

Fall is finally here! The most beautiful of its kind with colors in all red and yellow tones.

Just take a look from my showroom window...POW! A blast of energy, an explosion of pink. So much color you can almost smell it!

Another colorful sensation is Blake Lively. The american actress and model sets fashion straight in this clipping from nystyles.com. Starring in Gossip Girl she is the fashion inspiration for many girls all over the world - here You see her showing off the fabulous Dori Scengeri earrings, JLZ-E 987.

These and many more jewellery pieces can be ordered directly from Fabric Copenhagen - see information on how below.

Have a wonderful week!

All our best,

Annette Egholm
Fabric Copenhagen
email: info@fabriccopenhagen.dk
Phone: +45 2635 3990

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